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Bozeman Cannery District

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Bozeman Cannery District
The Cannery District is located 1.5 miles from Bozeman’s Main Street en route to Bridger Bowl (the local ski hill). In 2008 the first three buildings on the corner of Oak and Rouse were renovated and their uses re-purposed to adapt to Bozeman’s changing and growing economy. The buildings and their new uses have quickly become an integral part of Bozeman’s community fabric and a critical gateway into town. The Cannery District is anchored by the four-story Cannery Building and surrounding support structures.

The Bozeman Canning Company was opened in the summer of 1917, canning beans, carrots and peas along with meat during the depression for personnel. On average 13,000 cases of peas per day were produced. Between 3,000 and 3,500 acres were contracted by 3 to 4 growers to feed the cannery. The cannery was open 15-20 hours a day during peak harvest, employing 250-275 people. In 1950 the plant was closed due to high shipping rates for frozen products. It was sold to local businessmen and re-started under the name Bozeman Canning Company which lasted until 1961.

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